Cash, Check or Credit Cards Accepted

For account information, please contact office

By email at or by phone at (800) 498-2247 or (714) 637-2000.

The Terms & Conditions page is agreed to in regards to all sales with Sandbagger


* All  job requests need a 48 hr lead time, except for storm emergencies.

* Neither payment nor performance bond included.

* OCSandbagger provides temporary erosion control and does not warranty for materials or  

   installation that is damaged after initial placement, subcontractors and/or unforeseen weather


* Please refer to the Sandbagger rate sheet for site preparation, storm maintenance, clean up,

   repair, light grading, and or hauling off of old material, trash, etc.

* All materials and deliveries will be charged applicable sales tax.

* Items not specified in this price list are neither implied nor included.


* No traffic control included.

* All work performed shall be at the request and direction of the customer's superintendent or

   project manager.

* A standard crew consists of 1 foreman with a truck and 2 laborers.

* Portal to portal contractor for all time and materials work. Time starts when the crew loads the

   material or is dispatched to the job.


* Installation is based on regular working hours, non-prevailing rates Monday through

  Friday 6:30 am to 3:00 pm.

* Installation is for a prepared area that is free of weeds, trash and other debris. The installation

   price may increase with an hourly charge for labor and/or equipment due to difficult or rocky

   soil conditions, poor access, and any work completed after regular working hours Monday

   through Friday.


* Overtime will be charged Monday through Friday from 3:00 pm to  6:30 pm  and

   Saturdays from 6:60 am to 3:00 pm

* Double time rates will be charged for work performed Monday through Friday 6:30 pm

   to 6:30 am.

* Trucking rates will be charged based on a 4 hour minimum, regular working hours,

   non prevailing Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 3:30 pm.

* Equipment rates will be charged on a daily rate plus the hourly operator fee.

* Equipment requested to be onsite and not operated will be charged the daily rate until


* All spray-on application includes one move on, $150.00 each additional move on. Water

   to be provided through a 2 1/2" meter hydrant or equal connection.

* Any large dirt or trash hauls that require outside trucking services will be charged on cost

   plus 15% basis.

* All dump fees, trash roll-off charges incurred will be charged on cost plus 15% basis.

* All recycle fees incurred will be charged on cost plus 15% basis.

* Any additional services requested not listed in this price list will be charged on cost plus 15%